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Meet Tim Fahey

Tim manages to maintain a successful Career in real estate while  contributing his time helping to make this community vital and  responsive to the needs of others.

This  summer, Tim and his family welcomed an eighteen year old Norwegian girl, Sunieva Torvick, into their home for three weeks as part of a Lions  Club youth exchange between Lions Club members in the U.S. and Europe.  “With four kids in our family, Sunieva fit right in,” says Tim. “It was  great to see the kids trading language and it was a fantastic experience for all of us. She loved Nevada County and we loved having her.”

Tim recently represented the Lions Club at the dedication of a new,  “Welcome to Penn Valley” sign, sponsored by the Lions Club. He is also  presenting a large check to the three Penn Valley Schools for sports  equipment and educational upgrades. This was raised from the proceeds of the Penn Valley Rodeo, which the Lions Club now sponsors.

Tim is also involved in a fund-raiser for the Marshall Hyde Scholarship  Fund. Mr. Hyde was a member of the Penn Valley Lions Club, who left  money in his will to be given away to a Nevada County high school in the form of a need-based scholarship. In Mr. Hyde’s memory, a fund has been created in his name to carry on his generosity.

For Tim, his active involvement in community service and his success in  real estate go hand in hand. He is breaking records with his sales performance!

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